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Chad Ford: Dwight Howard "still would prefer Brooklyn"


Here we go again? Not likely. The Nets made their choice last summer and left Dwight Howard in Orlando. They moved on to Joe Johnson, Brook Lopez, etc., etc. But with the Lakers disappointing (to be kind!), there are rumors out there that Howard is not set on signing with L.A.

Howard himself indicated that earlier in the week when John Denton, the Magic's in-house beat reporter, spoke with him. Asked what his goal is, he said it's always been a championship. "So if I have to play on another team or do whatever I have to do to get one, that's my goal. This is my passion, so I'll continue to fight."

Now, in a chat, ESPN's Chad Ford suggests that Howard, who famously left the Nets at the altar back in March, still wants to play for them. "He's made that clear," notes Ford, without letting readers know his sourcing.

So hard to predict what Dwight Howard is going to do. He seemingly changed his mind every week last season. LA is just a great market for him. He's going to get healthier. The keys to this team will be his soon. He still would prefer Brooklyn. He's made that clear. But right now there is now clear path for him to get there. Dallas and Atlanta are both options, but not sure either team can offer him all of the non salary benefits the Lakers can.

We're reaching for our blood pressure meds.