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Andray Blatche wants back with Nets; will talk contract once "we win the championship"


Andray Blatche tells Stefan Bondy that he plans on returning to the Nets next season. "There's no reason not to want to come back," he said. Blatche, who's averaging 18.7 and 9.3 in Brook Lopez's absence, was asked then he'll talk contracts. "Talk to me after the playoffs," he said. "I mean, after we win the championship."

Blatche can't extend his deal with the Nets during the season and while his amnesty payments from the Wizards offer him a cushion, it also complicates things. So the Nets will wait and hope that Blatche's rejuvenation continues.

“We’re trying to stay on him,” Deron Williams tells Tim Bontemps. “We’re trying to stay on him and keep him focused, which he’s been great at this year. He had a bad reputation from outside people, but he’s a great teammate, and he’s been a hard-worker for us and nothing but a positive for this team.”

His run as a starter may continue for a while. Bondy writes, "with a walking boot resting beside his locker. (Lopez) is unlikely to play Friday or next week." Bondy doesn't quote anyone on the timetable.