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Stacking up the points


So who's the NBA leader in +/- per 48 minutes one-fifth of the way through the season? No, it's not Kobe or Dwight. That's for sure. Nor is LeBron or Kevin or Melo or even D-Will. It's Stack, as in Jerry Stackhouse, the 17-year veteran who everyone thought was using this season as a transition to coaching.

As Ryne Nelson of SLAM wrote...

Through his 11 games, Stackhouse has knocked down shots with efficiency—shooting 44.7 percent from outside, and a deadly 56 percent from the corners—and leads all NBA players with an unreal +20.3 plus-minus rating per 48.

"I didn’t know if it would happen this soon, but I felt like I would get an opportunity to show that I could play," Stack said before Tuesday night’s game. "I hadn’t been able to do that in certain situations that I’ve been in." Nelson also revealed a Nets nickname for Stackhouse: "Old House."