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Milton Lee shows off Brooklyn Nets "Basketball Campus"

Brooklyn Nets

Milton Lee splits his time between Brooklyn and Springfield nowadays as the director of Nets minor league operations, but two years ago, Lee was holed up in an office at the PNY Center working with architects on the Nets locker room and associated areas. It's known by the team as the Nets "basketball campus", or as it appeared on the architectural drawings, "Nets campus." On Wednesday, the Nets posted Lee's tour of the facility he helped design.

From Tim Walsh's training area to the practice court (now the primary court until PNY Center recovers), Lee explains what went into each of the components of the campus, the lockers themselves, the video room, the weight room, players lounge, etc. Some of Lee's touches are seen, including "extra high" vanities for people who's average height is 6'7", extra lockers for Deron Wiliams and Brook Lopez and a bench for Joe Johnson. Also, how about marker board paint on the walls in the locker room and Avery Johnson's office. It permits Johnson to write all over the walls and then wipe it all off.

It's a short tour (four minutes) of a facility that cost "eight figures," meaning more than $10 million. It's getting a reputation around the NBA as top of the line and if you believe what Lee told us last year, better than the Mavericks! It also fills the promise Mikhail Prokhorov made while touring facilities at Prudential Center after buying the team...

"It's very important in any sport nowadays that a player who comes for a game doesn't have to think about anything else. Everything needs to be comfortable, functional and the way he likes things to be. He needs to feel at home. It's very important. And the first thing free agents ask about, aside from salary, is what the so-called perks will be. And we need to be able to give them an answer that is absolutely competitive with other teams".