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Jay-Z Gives five reasons why Brooklyn Nets are cool ... He's No. 5.

Brooklyn Nets/Errol Anderson

As noted elsewhere, the Brooklyn Nets have become, arguably, the coolest team in the NBA, having jumped over 29 teams since last April when they were out-cheered in New Jersey by everyone from the Knicks to the Sixers.

It's undeniable that one reason, a big reason, is that the team is owned by Jay-Z who at the very least inspired the new logo, fought for the new colors with the NBA, revealed the new uniform in an opening night concert. It was only last week that Christophe Charlier, the Nets chairman, told a French sports magazine that Jay-Z is "the face of the franchise." So, despite his limited ownership interest (1/15 of one percent), who better to ask about the Nets "coolness" quotient than Mr. Carter. That's what GQ thought.

The five reasons Jay-Z listed are not really surprising: the jerseys ("All-black everything."); the court ("It's herringbone, which is crazy. In fact, the NBA fought me on it."); Barclays Center ("It's beautiful, amazing, really well-done. It's just classy."); Brooklyn ("Well, Brooklyn is cool; that's like the definition.); and well, himself ("Me? Ha, I am Brooklyn.")

Meanwhile, Dan Devine lists five things that are uncool about the Nets, including Brook Lopez! Too late.