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Deadlines and Commitments - LXXIV

Brooklyn Nets

It's been a while since we've done one of these, but with trade rumors starting to stir, we figured it would be good to reacquaint people with critical dates on the calendar, some related to player personnel, some not.

December 15 -- Contracts signed in the 2012 off-season can now be traded, with the exception of those whose raises exceeded certain levels. In the Nets case, this means that Deron Williams, Gerald Wallace, Mirza Teletovic, Reggie Evans, Jerry Stackhouse, C.J. Watson, Andray Blatche, Josh Childress and Keith Bogans can now be traded. Prior to this date, the only Nets players who can be traded are Joe Johnson, MarShon Brooks, Tyshawn Taylor and Toko Shengelia.

December 18 -- Ground-breaking at B2, the 32-story apartment tower at the southeast corner of the arena. It is expected to take 20 months to complete. Then, six to nine months after B2 is complete, the 22-story B3 over the arena's Dean Street entrance will begin. It too will take an estimated 20 months. Again, there will be a six to nine month interval then B4, a 52-story tower at the arena's northeast corner will start up. It too will take an estimated 20 months. All in all, Barclays Center will be the scene of construction activity for the next six years.

January 5 -- Players can be signed to 10-day deals. Under the CBA, players can only be signed to two consecutive 10-day contracts, after which they must be waived or signed for the remainder of the year. The Nets currently don't have any roster openings.

January 10 -- All contracts are guaranteed for the remainder of the season. Neither Blatche nor Childress were given a guaranteed deal in September. Nets must decide by this date to keep them for the remainder of the year.

January 15 -- Brook Lopez and Kris Humphries,can be traded. Players who receive significant salary increases like Lopez and Humphries are given an extra month before they are eligible for a trade.

February 15-17 -- 2013 NBA All-Star (Houston). NBA will announce the site of the 2014 NBA All-Star Game. Brooklyn and New York are leading candidates.

February 21 -- 2013 NBA Trade Deadline (3 p.m. ET). The Nets two trade exceptions both valued at around $1.3 million and acquired in the Gerald Wallace trade, expire.

April 20 -- 2013 NBA Playoffs begin. They better be in them!

June 27 -- NBA Draft, site TBA, but likely Prudential Center. Nets have their own first round pick, but no second round pick. Last year, the Nets used $2.75 million of their $3 million cash considerations to buy second round picks.