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The Latest on Phil: Aldridge and Amico Say It's Possible

Ronald Martinez

In their weekly columns, David Aldridge of and TNT and Sam Amico of FOX Sports take some time out to examine the possibility of Phil Jackson coming to New York to coach the Nets.

Both basically write Jackson is not just the top of the list for the Nets, but the list. And whatever Jackson wants from Mikhail Prokhorov, he will likely get: the "paycheck, the control, the travel restrictions if Jackson wants to be a part-time coach." The issue is will Jackson agree. Aldridge leaves the question open. Amico says the feeling in the GM community is that he will bite.

Writes Aldrdige ...

Jackson, if Brooklyn gets him, will be Jackson. The Nets are trying to play coy, and they're saying Carlesimo, who won his first two games as the interim coach, will get a real shot. But Jackson is certainly the guy who'll get the first call when and if Prokhorov decides to look elsewhere for a permanent coach.

"It's Phil," says a league coaching source. "That's coming straight from Russia."

Prokhorov will, no doubt, give Jackson anything he wants -- the paycheck, the control, the travel restrictions if Jackson wants to be a part-time head coach. But would even all of that be enough for Jackson to take a flier?"

Writes Amico ...

Most executives around the league interviewed by FOX Sports Ohio seem to think Phil Jackson will consider coaching the Brooklyn Nets. "With Phil, it’s all about how much control he has," said one GM. "I think he’s probably OK with not winning another championship. It’s more about getting the most from his team without a bunch of annoying interferences."

Just don't expect much action soon. Prokhorov is vacationing in France.