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Keith Bogans almost returned to Chicago Bulls

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Keith Bogans has been hot lately. Before Saturday night's game with the Cavs, he had shot 66.7 percent from three over the last five games, 70.8 percent overall, the best percentages for NBA player over that stretch. The 6'7" swingman, who makes veterans minimum salary, has been a solid addition for the Nets. Good defenders who can hit the three with consistency can have long shelf lives in the NBA. Ask Bruce Bowen.

It's an amazing story, considering that last February, Bogans suffered a devastating injury in his fifth game as a Net and was released. The Nets told him that if he was able to come back, there'd be a place on the training camp roster. But in an interview with RealGM, Bogans said his reunion with the Nets almost didn't happen. He almost signed with the Bulls who he spent the 2010-11 season, starting 108 straight games from preseason through the Eastern Conference Finals. Tom Thibodeau, the Bulls head coach, wanted him back. Privately the coach pushed management, Real GM's Shams Charmania to bring back Bogans. Instead, management wanted Marco Belinelli and went in that direction.