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On, the news is all good

Chris Chambers

Scott Cacciola of the Wall Street Journal writes Monday on a growing phenomenon -- professional athletes who not only have their own websites but their own beat reporters to cover them! was set up after D-Will was traded to the Nets to take advantage of the new marketing possibilities the nation's biggest market presents. Now, it's more than that. It's still a marketing vehicle, with links to his work for Red Bull, American Express, Metro PCS and Baller Beats.

There's also a lot of online real estate devoted to his Point of Hope Foundation and his time at Illinois. What's different is that, part of Athlete Interactive, has its own credentialed beat reporter, Devon Jeffreys (who Nets fans may recall as the author of this line for another client, "When you describe the prototypical NBA center ... " Oh, let's not go there. Too painful.)

Jeffreys updates the site regularly, even daily. That, too, is rare. Kris Humphries who has his own site isn't sure the last time his site was updated. "I don't even know what's on there," he said.

Here's one story not likely to make it on, an Onion offering on D-Will's supposed penchant for drooling while dribbling.