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Brook Lopez still uncertain for Thunder or Warriors after MRI

Still waiting on the big man.


Nets beat writers were measuring gaits Monday, trying to figure out if Brook Lopez was walking with either "a limp" (Rod Boone) or "very slight limp" (Howard Beck), who added, "for those of you scoring limps at home." There was also uncertainty on whether Lopez will play Tuesday vs. the Thunder (unlikely) or Warriors (no comment),

A couple of things are certain: Lopez was walking (or limping) without a boot and had an MRI which proved negative and he remains "day-to-day." That likely means Andray Blatche (17.5 ppg, 8.5 rpg, and 58.3 percent shooting in starts) will get more time on the court.

Deron Wiliams didn't do a whole lot in practice today, Boone reports. Avery Johnson gave him some rest to let his bumps and bruises heal up.

Based on tweets from Howard Beck, Rod Boone, and Nets_PR