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"The Association" captures Avery's End

The Association

The next televised episode of "The Association" won't air until January 18 but in the interim, the producers of the NBA TV reality show are posting "webisodes," weekly online updates ... and none more dramatic than Friday's where Avery Johnson's final days, including his firing, are re-told.

As Billy King catches up with NetsDaily just before he's to face the media, he talks about how difficult the process is, how the team is not doing as well as expected. He doesn't speak in depth about the issues that led to the coach's firing but video replays of the Celtics and Bucks games show a lackadaisical, almost inept effort on the court.

Howard Beck at one point notes that the team may have overachieved its first month raising expectations only to dramatically underachieve in December. That did Johnson in.