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ESPN: Phil Jackson is Nets' top target

Marc Stein and Chris Broussard are reporting that Phil Jackson remains as the Nets' top target to replace Avery Johnson.

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Dilip Vishwanat

How reluctant is Phil Jackson to coach again in the NBA, specifically for the Brooklyn Nets? Several news outlets are reporting that the 11-time champion is the Nets' top choice ... and that he's "intrigued" by the prospect.

Even after Jackson's representative, Todd Musburger, came out and told David Aldridge that he had no interest in coaching the Nets "at this moment," there still remains buzz about the Nets pursuing Jackson -- thanks to the "not at this time" closer in his statement.

Now, according to Marc Stein and Chris Broussard, the Nets could be willing to meet Jackson's demands, in terms of salary and position within the team.

The other issue, working in Jackson's favor is... the system.

It's also worth noting that Williams, in his recent critique of Johnson's offense, described himself as "a system player." Jackson, with his triangle offense, is arguably the NBA's foremost system coach, provided he can be talked into one more job after the disappointment of losing out to D'Antoni after thinking he'd be getting the Lakers' job for a third time.

Sam Amick also reported that the Nets are not deterred by comments from Jackson's agent. Amick wrote, "One of the people with knowledge of the Nets' plans said of the Musburger statement, 'I wouldn't read much into that'."

Ken Berger writes Jackson, the 11-time champion coach, is "intrigued by the prospect and would be interested in exploring the possibility of coaching the Brooklyn franchise. "For sure," is how "a person with knowledge of his thinking" described Jackson's interest to Berger Thursday night.

Perhaps more significantly, Charley Rosen, one of Jackson's oldest friends, wrote Thursday...

There are several reasons why Jackson could enjoy coaching the Nets and — sooner rather than later — mold them into legitimate championship contenders, the most critical being that the current roster is almost a perfect fit for the triangle.

One Nets player has already endorsed the idea.

“I think he’s the logical choice,” Nets guard Jerry Stackhouse told Stefan Bondy. “He’s been in a lot of big-time situations. That’s who he is. If I’m an owner or a general manager and I’m going to make a coaching change, he’d definitely be the first guy I’d see if he had any interest.”