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Quietly, Brooklyn Nets give back to community ... with their Mom's

Trevor Booker (B2TheX) via Twitter

Quietly, a number of individual Nets players have been trying to make Christmas a little cheerier for local kids. The team held its annual Christmas event at Cookie's, a downtown Brooklyn store, distributing $250 gift cards to 75 children whose homes were destroyed during Hurricane Sandy.

But beyond that, Kris Humphries and Andray Blatche have held their own events ... with their moms. Humphries and his mother Debra "adopted" two local families for the holidays through Debra’s church, according to the Post. They're helping by donating gifts and meals. "It’s something his family has done for years," a source close to Hump told the Post. "He and his mom adopted two families in Brooklyn, and they spent last week shopping for them.

Blatche's efforts are more low-key. He's retweeted a couple of pictures of him and his mother distributing gifts to Brooklyn youth. The pictures were apparently taken by his former teammate, Trevor Booker. In one, Blatche is seen surrounded by boxes of presents including games and toys. The event was sponsored by the Andray Blatche Foundation.