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Mirza Teletovic named Bosnia's best athlete for 2012


Mirza Teletovic's debut in the NBA has been, shall we say, rocky. But back home in Bosnia, he was recently named the country's best male athlete, "Sportsman of the Year," for 2012. This summer, Teletovic led Bosnia back to the FIBA Eurobasket tournament, averaging 24.3 points a game in the qualifying tournament. He also led Euroleague regular season in scoring earlier in the year.

Teletovic accepted the award via conference call from the United States. The ceremony was nationally televised.

"This is a big deal for me to be chosen for the Sportsman of the Year in BiH (Bosnia - Herzogovina)," said Teletovic, 27. "Hopefully I will justify this recognition and I will worthily represent BiH in the world . I would like to thank the organizers of the 'Independent newspaper, "BHT-in and the Presidency. course, and everyone who supported me, especially my wife and family, who have always been with me." :

"I'm very sorry that because of club commitments I could not attend the award ceremony. They say that some moments cannot be described in words. This is for me one of those. My heart is filled with pride ... This award for the best athlete in Bosnia, of all previous awards, will remain in my memory as one of my favorites."

Drazen Petrovic's brother, Aleksandar, was named Bosnian coach of the year. As head coach of the Bosnian national basketball team, he had helped persuade Teletovic to join the Nets. He said that while Teletovic has not yet had the success he had hoped for, he thought the native of Mostar could improve his "status" with the Nets.