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With benching, Kris Humphries likely to be subject of trade rumors

Kris Humphries says he'll be ready to play after benching, but he may have to ready to move, too.


With Avery Johnson's benching Kris Humphries for the entire game Sunday (after starting him in 20), Humphries name will now likely be the subject of intense trade rumors. He can't be moved for another three weeks until January 15 but that won't stop speculation. His contract, $24 million over two years, was meant to make it easier to deal him in a big trade. By the time he's dealt, if he's dealt, he'll be on the books for a year and a half, making him a near expiring deal.

He certainly has some value. He's one of only five players who's averaged a double-double over the past two years and before the Nets signed him, there were reports the Bobcats were willing to offer him $27 million over three years. Plus, he is only 27 years old.

Of course, even with only a year and a half left on his deal, a $12 million contract will be hard to move and his value just dropped. The Nets might have to take back a contract with more years, something that would push them further into cap hell in the out years of a longer contract. The Nets are already committed to Deron Williams for $99 million over five years (with a player option in the fifth year), to Joe Johnson for $89 million over four years; Brook Lopez for $61 million over four years (with a player option in the fourth year) and to Gerald Wallace for $40 million over three years.

What could they get in return? His name was vaguely mentioned in a rumor that had the Nets interested in dealing him for Ersan Ilyasova. Like Hump, Ilyasova has fallen out of favor after signing a big new deal. Ilyasova is younger at least according to his passport but is guaranteed $8 million more and over five years.

What's next? Hump says he'll do what he's always done: "work out and be ready." Now he he has to be ready for the next rumor as well as the next game.