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Brooklyn Nets demise now a national concern

Al Bello

ESPN's SportsNation is running a poll on "What's Wrong with the Brooklyn Nets," asking three questions of fans around the country and around the world. By Sunday morning, nearly 20,000 had voted. Bottom line: it's not Avery Johnson's fault and the Nets will make the playoffs.

Question No. 1 - Which of these is the biggest cause of the Nets' recent struggles? Possible answers: Deron Williams is in a season-long slump; Avery Johnson's system isn't working; or Team lacks scoring power, depth. By a significant plurality, nearly 50 percent, fans choose the third option. Avery Johnson's system is blamed by less than 20 percent.

Question No. 2 - Which team is the real Brooklyn Nets? Possible answers: November Nets (11-4); December Nets (2-8 as of Thursday); or You are what your record says you are Nets (13-12 overall). No surprise, more than half chose the third option.

Question No. 3 - Where will the Nets finish in the Eastern Conference playoff race? Possible answers: 1-4 seed, 5-8 seed or not in the playoffs. A supermajority choose 5-8. And in no state, territory or country did either of the extremes get a majority.