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Deron Williams raises autism awareness with Point of Hope Foundation

Deron Williams and his wife, Amy, support a great cause: his son, D.J.


File this piece away in the "great holiday reads" department, as Deron Williams and his wife Amy take time to help raise awareness in support of their autistic son D.J. In working with the Point of Hope Foundation, Williams donated gifts to families with autistic children, attending a charitable holiday gala on Saturday night in Manhattan.

From Stefan Bondy, Williams talks about his experience in finding out that his 3-year-old son was diagnosed with autism, some 18 months ago.

"It was tough because you start thinking, ‘Is he going to have a normal life?’" Williams says. "‘Is he ever going to get married? Is he going to be able to play sports?’ It was sad, tough on us for a while.

"It’s been awakening," Williams says. "And you have to learn to be a little bit more patient."

Now is a great time to put the struggles on the court aside, if just for a moment, and respect the goodwill from Williams, as well as his Nets teammates in this holiday season.

Again, I highly recommend this piece by Bondy as a reflection of the season, and I tip my cap to Williams and his wife for their work with the Point of Hope Foundation.