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Bojan Bogdanovic shows "Instant-O" potential in Turkish League


Earlier this week, Sam Meyerkopf of Euroleague Adventures tweeted us his assessment of Bojan Bogdanovic's NBA potential, both good and bad.

Bogdanovic has been real good on offense. Shooting, driving, post-ups. Just other parts of game (D, passing, D, boards) haven't.

He is really potent in the post for a 2/3. Passing is improving but he still looks for his shot 1st and 2nd.

Hey if you need some instant-O Bojan can bring it for sure. Treys, Js, fastbreak, post, drives...could really help Nets 2nd unit.

Indeed, when Bogdanovic gets hot, he gets really hot. Although he's averaging an exceptional 50/40/80 combined so far in the Euroleague and Turkish League, the 6'8" Croatian has taken off lately,. No game was as hot as Saturday's. He hit 9-for-11 overall (5-for-6 from deep) to score 23 points in 26 minutes for first place Fenerbahce against Antalya BSB in a Turkish League game.

In ten games over the past month, Bogdanovic has averaged 14.8 points per game in the two leagues, shooting 58.8 percent from two-point range, 45.4 percent from three, and 76 percent from the foul line.