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Brooklyn Nets bring back red, white and blue banners at Barclays Center


Walking into Barclays Center for the Nets home opener on November 3, there was one disconcerting note amid the awe of a new arena, new team, etc. The Nets championship banners, commemorating the ABA championships in the mid-1970's and the Jason Kidd-era NBA division and conference titles, had been replaced with black-and-white replicas in keeping with the mono-chromatic theme of the arena and team.

Sunday, the red, white and blue banners were back up and the black-and-white were down. Whether it was planned or the result of some (needed) nostalgia remains a mystery, but for Sunday's game vs. the 76ers, fans saw a little color in the rafters and some tradition. The Nets have also quietly added a banner to commemorate Jay-Z's eight sold-out shows to open the arena.