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Popeye Jones son - Headed for Islanders?

Bruce Bennett

It's just too easy.

Nets are already in Barclays Center. Islanders are headed there at some point but no later than 2015. Nets assistant coach's son is likely overall No. 1 pick in 2013 NHL Draft. Islanders need boost after move and lockout. Connect the dots: the cosmos is conspiring to get Seth Jones, Popeye's son, into an Islanders' uniform.

Jeff Z. Klein, the Times hockey writer, writes about Jones, father and son, in a feature Saturday, raising the idea of Seth becoming an Islander, within the context of him possibly becoming hockey's first great African-American player. He writes, "The N.H.L., mired in a lockout and struggling to renew fan interest, would probably welcome the marketing potential of a young African-American star, especially if Jones were to play, say, in Brooklyn when the Islanders move there in 2015." Jones is working out this week at the Rangers (empty) practice facility, getting ready for the World Junior Championships next week in Russia.

The NHL Draft right now is an afterthought as the league and its players look like they will become the first professional league to lose two whole seasons to labor disputes. No one even knows how the draft lottery would work post-lockout. But no doubt, the Isles will have a high pick and Popeye Jones will have great personal interest in both the NBA and NHL drafts this June.