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Deron Williams: "Now is not the time to panic"; But when is?

At 13-12, is it time to panic in Brooklyn?

Al Bello

Deron Williams had an interesting comment after last night's loss to the New York Knicks.

In regards to the team dropping eight of its last 10 games, Williams said what one would think to be "the right thing" in trying to reassure the fans, and possibly himself, that now isn't the time to panic.

"It’s taken a little longer than I expected," Williams said. "But it’s not time to panic. We’re still figuring things out and hopefully it will come together."

Sure, the point here is that we're 25 games into an 82-game season, so it probably isn't "time to panic." However, how long before Nets fans can and are allowed to (officially) panic?

The NBA season is a relatively long one and no one is immune to a rough stretch of games or a losing streak, but at some point when you're losing games you "should" have won and seeming to walk-through an entire half (namely, the second...) of games, fans can't help but panic. It's not unreasonable. Not even at this point of the season.

But the concern that many Nets fans have right now is, if not now then when are they allowed to panic? And when will they see a sense of urgency and panic from the team's leaders, like Deron Williams?

"Hopefully it will come together" won't cut it. That only feeds further into the idea that, yeah, maybe the fans should panic. And maybe, so too should Deron Williams.