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Blame includes Deron Williams ... and his relationship with Avery Johnson

Should D-Will be looking in the mirror when assessing blame for Nets' demise?

Al Bello

In recent days, Williams has taken shot at the Nets', that is Avery Johnson's, playbook and called out his teammates for a lack of toughness. But, in the aftermath of the humbling loss to the Knicks, beat writers and pundits are pointing to Deron Williams as well, citing his struggles as a big reason for the team's fall from 11-4 to 13-12.

Dave D'Alessandro, Ken Berger, Filip Bondy all have columns Thursday on Williams, with D'Alessandro suggesting he has gotten soft sitting on his "fat wallet," Berger writing Williams has been engaged in excuse-making and Bondy pointing out similarities between Williams complaints and other New York athletes' comments before a firing.

But the harshest comment comes from Jeff Van Gundy in the D'Alessandro column. Talking about D-Will's shooting woes, Van Gundy said, "I mean, does he work at it? For all we’ve heard lately from him by way of explanations, eventually shouldn’t you look in the mirror?”

Bottom line for them and others: Avery Johnson has his problems, but it all can't be laid at the coach's footsteps. The captain has to take more responsibility.