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For Deron Williams, a crisis of confidence


They're 11-5, off to the franchise's best start ever, better than the two seasons where they finished the season in the Finals. They're ahead of schedule and although they've lost two to the Heat, they've beat the Celtics twice as well as the Clippers and the Knicks. So what's the problem? Ask Deron Williams. He'll tell you. It's him, more specifically his shooting.

Although he's banged up, Williams says the injuries, most prominently his right wrist, are not what's holding him back. "It’s not my wrist, man, it’s my confidence," D-Will told Howard Beck. ""I just got to play better. Injuries or not, I got to play. I can’t keep having 10 points, not being aggressive. I just got to find a rhythm. It’s just tough."

That's not all he said. There was this, too: "I definitely need to play better for us to make that jump," Williams said. "We can be a great team. You’ve seen us — we won five straight, and I haven’t shot the ball well. And we’ve had some good wins." And this. "I feel like I’m letting my team down. I feel like I’m not doing enough to help us win."

But the schedule could help him and the Nets work through things. After five games in eight days, including three on the road, the Nets will play only three in the next eight, all at home.