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Chad Ford: Avery Johnson will be the "next to go if things don't improve."

ESPN Insider Chard Ford speculates about Avery Johnson's future.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

With the Nets off to a 13-11 start on the season, the "hot seat" is really starting to heat up for head coach Avery Johnson, and according to Chad Ford, he may be the "next to go."

He'll be the next to go if things don't improve. The Nets are stuck with this roster. They don't have any real flexibility to make deals. So ... coach will be the one to go. Van Gundy is a great choice, but you may be right. I think the Nets still hold out some hope that Dwight Howard will find a way to get there. If he does, Van Gundy can't be the one waiting for him.

It's an interesting thought on whether or not Stan Van Gundy is the right guy for the job, but I'm not sure any Nets fans wants to talk about Dwightmare, Vol. III, anytime soon. There's no reason to think that just because they maybe want to pursue Howard, again, they won't at least check in with Van Gundy. But, again, it's all speculation at this point.

As for Johnson, there hasn't been much talk, at least publicly, about him being "in trouble."