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Tyshawn Taylor working on his jump shot, hoping for a break

Taylor hoping for some minutes vs. the Jazz at Barclays Tuesday night.

Bruce Bennett

In his rookie blog, Tyshawn Taylor writes about being a rookie and how's dealing with his lack of playing time. The 41st pick, bought for $2 million, says he'd like to be playing more but until the opportunity arises, he's working on his game, specifically, his jump shot and pick and roll.

I am getting better and trying to improve every day. Mentally, it’s tough because I’m still not playing as much as I’d like. I want to play, I want to be out there, of course. But I’m trying to be a professional about it and understand that it’s about timing, and that I need to be ready for when my name gets called. So I’m in the gym, putting in the extra work, staying ready. The hardest part is not getting down on yourself.

I’m really focusing on my jump shot, being more of a consistent shooter, and making the open shot. I need to be able to knock my shots down consistently. My assistant coach Doug Overton has been great working with me before games, before practice, after practice. We work on my pick and roll and outside shooting a lot.

Taylor also talks about the tragedy in Newtown, a family Christmas, what happened to his Hoboken apartment ("Bad at the time here, but we are OK now.") No mention of Springfield.