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Deron Williams: "There's nothing to it!"

We can work it out, we can work out! That was the theme at shootaround Tuesday.


Was it an innocent, off-hand remark or criticism of his coach and his "system?" Beat writers who Deron Williams talked to Monday leaned toward the latter. Nah, said Williams on Tuesday, hours before the game with the Jazz.

"There's nothing to it," Williams said following shootaround at Barclays Center . "[The media] asked me about Utah. I'm not going to bad mouth Utah. I had a great time in Utah. I loved he offense. I've said we've had struggles on offense here, which I've said all year.

"Hasn't changed. My stance hasn't changed. I said I can adapt to any offense and I'm working toward that."

And Avery Johnson? Did he take it personally? Of course not!

No, not at all," the coach told beat writers. "We talk about it. We have great communication. So the comments aren't surprising. And really and truly, guys, I'm 47 now turning 48. I don't take anything personal. I communicate with all my players, constant communication with Deron, Stack and Joe."

To be continued? Beats us.