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Jerry Stackhouse remains questionable against the Jazz

Jerry Stackhouse (knee) was limited in practice today and is questionable for Tuesday's game against the Jazz.

Steve Mitchell

The Brooklyn Nets announced this afternoon that Jerry Stackhouse, who has missed the last three games with a sore right knee, is questionable to play tomorrow night against the Utah Jazz.

Stackhouse, who has has played some meaningful minutes off the bench this season, including some 4th quarter action, is close to returning, but may not be available until Wednesday, when the Nets take on the Knicks in the Garden. Once again, expect to see Keith Bogans and MarShon Brooks play a more significant role off the bench.

In other Stackhouse-related news, Zac Crain wrote a piece about him over at the Classical, in their series entitled, "Why We Watch."

It's an interesting read, built off the premise that Stackhouse has never been anyone's favorite player, let alone save for, his own.

Crain writes:

That is how you know it’s still him in there. No one has ever been surer of Jerry Stackhouse’s abilities than Jerry Stackhouse. He’s had to be; great as he has been at scoring points, he has never been anyone’s favorite player, with the obvious and unsurprising exception of himself. He’s never had the game or the personality for that sort of stardom; for all his point-scoring, Stackhouse has mostly been overshadowed, and generally rightly.

He has never even been anyone’s favorite player from the University of North Carolina to be drafted in 1995.

And while that may be true, I think you can ask most Nets fans and they'll tell you that while Stackhouse may not be the most significant player on this team, he has been nothing short of useful, which at this point in his career, 18 years later, is more than sufficient.