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Count Chris Rock in the Knicks camp but he "likes them both"

Chris Trotman

It should come as no surprise that Chris Rock has decided to side with the Knicks on the Manhattan - Brooklyn split, despite growing up in the borough. After all, he has appeared in commercials for the Garden. He joins Spike Lee as Brooklyn natives who say they've been Knicks fans for too long to switch.

"I like that there’s a really good team in Brooklyn. Hearing people scream ‘Brooklyn, Brooklyn,’ I think, is good for everybody but, hey man, I’m Knicks," Rock told the Post. "I put waaaay too much time into this."

"I like them both," he went on. "I’m just saying I’m a Knicks fan more. Hey, I like Biggie and Tupac, ok? I like Jay Leno and Letterman. But if the Knicks have a game and the Nets have a game I’m going to be at the Garden."