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C.J.Watson "clarifies" comments on Deron Williams as best point guard in the league.

So who's best point in the league now, C.J.?


Deron Williams has enough problems. He's shooting career lows both overall (under 40) and from three (under 30). His scoring average is the worst it's been since his second year and he has the burden of being the player who's owed the most money of anyone in the NBA ($100 million). Not to mention he missed the shot that could have sent the Nets and Bulls into overtime Saturday. Even he has said he hasn't had a dominant game yet this season.

Now, his back-up, C.J. Watson, appears to have edited or clarified his comments from the summer when, as every writer at his press conference noted, he called D-Will the best point guard in the NBA, which would mean better than Derrick Rose of the Bulls, his former teammate. Not what he said, he told Chicago writers post-game.

Here's what he said back in reported by the Star-Ledger and others.

"I always thought Deron was the best point guard in the league, always playing against him, watching him. He’s always one of the toughest players … when everyone asks me who is the toughest point guard, I always say him. Between him and D-Rose, it’s pick-your-poison.''

Here's what he told Chicago writers Saturday when asked if he said Williams is a better point guard than Rose.

"Actually, I didn't say that. I said, 'To me, he was the best point guard.' The guy asked me who was better. He said compare the two and I said you can't compare the two."

Watson also told the Bulls beat writers that he had been mistreated by the Chicago organization following their first round loss to the 76ers.

  • C.J. Watson says he was "mistreated" after playoff loss - Neil Hayes - Chicago Sun-Times