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Nets Saddened, Confused by Newtown Shootings

Mike Ehrmann

No one is immune to what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.

In tweets and interviews, Nets players have expressed their personal sorrow, horror and fears after a gun killed 20 school children Friday. The Daily News spoke with several of the players over the weekend.

"When you see a situation like that, the only thing you can think about is your kids,’’ Gerald Wallace said. "All my kids are in school. All my kids go to elementary or middle school. It’s difficult imagining you being at work or, for me, being with the team, and seeing that and hearing about that. It’s unbearable. You can only imagine what could go through your head as a parent."

"I was just shocked, man,’’ Deron Williams said. "It’s sick. It’s a sick world we live in where stuff like that happens. As a parent, sending your kid to school, that’s one of the safest places you can think of, especially elementary school. High school maybe you can understand. Kids get access to guns. They hold grudges and things like that. But elementary school, for an adult to go in there and kill 20 innocent kids, it just makes me sick — that your kids can go to school and you will never see them again."

But the always outspoken Jerry Stackhouse took issue with Kevin Durant writing, "Newtown" on his sneakers for Saturday night's game. He tweeted, "Smh...Not the right forum": Kevin Durant played with a hand-written "Newtown, CT" on his shoes:"