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Gerald Wallace of Brooklyn Nets earning his nickname: Crash

For the Nets, finally a player who leaves it all on the floor

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Late in the game Friday night, someone upfront texted us that Gerald Wallace is "worth every penny and the #6 pick." You won't get any argument here. The Nets haven't had such an emotional leader since Kenyon Martin left.

It wasn't just his extraordinary stats, a season high 25 points on 9-of-15 shooting (including 3-of-6 from downtown), 10 rebounds, one assist, two steals and two blocked shots in FIFTY minutes vs. Detroit. Nor his THREE blocks on DUNKS Saturday night. It was all about what Greg Anthony said was behind Billy King's decision to trade for him last March, his "impact on the collective." He makes everyone want to play hard.

"We needed to win this, confidence-wise, momentum-wise, and just for the spirit of the team," Wallace said after the Pistons game. And he did everything he could to ensure it, leaving only one thing for Joe Johnson to finish up. He banged, he crashed, he fell, he rose, he finished.

"He’s our energy, our life," said Deron Williams. "We had a lot of mistakes out there and he kind of covered up for them... He does everything for us."

"I’m (not ever) concerned," Wallace said of his style. "That’s part of the game, I already know that... I don’t think, I can’t play thinking. Whatever happens happens. I’ll worry about it tomorrow."