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Detroit Pistons players, coach and GM all amazed at Barclays Center

Visiting players continue to be blown away by Barclays


This wasn't Lawrence Frank's first visit to Barclays Center. The Nets invited him and other former coaches to the first Jay-Z concert but he, his players and Pistons long-time GM Joe Dumars were all amazed at what they saw, from the exterior to the visitors locker room. Like a lot of others who've already visited, the first surprise was the turntable elevators that take team buses from the street to the event level where the visitors locker room can be found.

"If you went to Disney's Tower of Terror, this is the slow version of it," Frank joked. "The bus on the elevator is amazing," said Charlie Villanueva, a New York native. "A billion dollars, that's what it was?" When told he was correct, he said: "This is what a billion dollars look like."

Everyone agreed, as have other teams, that the visitors locker room is particularly spacious and well-appointed, which lets visiting players know the team is not scrimping ... on anything. "So many arenas you go to, it's so tight in there," Dumars said. "You have 15 guys, five or six coaches, two or three front-office people and it's a 13-by-15 room. What they've done here is created a lot of space in the back areas for guys to get around."