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Nets continue "Random Acts of Kindness" at Coney Island gas station

They're called "random acts of kindness" and they are not publicized beforehand. The Nets, accompanied by BrooklyKnight or the Brooklynettes show up at a Brooklyn location unannounced and pay for food or gas or other essentials.

This week, it was a gas station in Coney Island, hurt by last month's superstorm Sandy. Brook Lopez, MarShon Brooks and Tyshawn Taylor, accompanied by BrooklyKnight, pumped free tanks of gas at a local station ... and signed autographs, of course. Previously, Kris Humphries and Jerry Stackhouse gave out gift cards at Key Foods just before the season.

Jeff Scott, the Nets community affairs director, explained the program this way: "It's completely random and we have out players in the community doing things that people would not normally expect: to see a player at a gas station or a grocery store or wherever else we show up next."

At least one driver received a big smile and a bouquet of roses from Taylor and in return, she said she would "give back to somebody else." No word on how long they were at the station or how many tanks of gas got filled.