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Rovell: Lids across from Madison Square Garden a Brooklyn Nets Hangout

Darren Rovell via Twitter

Darren Rovell walked over to the Lids at Manhattan Mall Thursday to gauge sales of all sorts of things, including Mark Sanchez ladies bedazzled jerseys (not doing well, said store rep) and Notre Dame caps (23 different designs.) He also asked the store rep about Nets vs. Knicks sales. Kinda of a big deal since the Lids, the city's largest, is only a block from the Garden and 22 minutes (on the Q train) from Barclays.

Tweeted Rovell, "Lids store a block from Madison Square Garden says its selling more Nets gear than Knicks."

The black-and-white is also No. 1 in sales this season at both at the NBA Store on Fifth Avenue and at NBAStore online.