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A Kris Humphries Moment - When Whistles Aren't Enough

Courtney "Air" Kirkland vs. Kris Humphries.

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Its' not bad enough that he's been consigned to the bench, at least until Brook Lopez returns, or that he still gets catcalls about his marital status. Now, Kris Humphries is getting blocked by the ref at the foul line.

Humphries was minding his own business when out of nowhere, ref Courtney "Air" Kirkland decided to stop play by running full-tilt at Hump, trying to prevent him from taking his free throw. You're not allowed to shoot a free throw while a player is checking in to the game so Kirkland, apparently forgetting he has a whistle for such occasions, went all Dikembe Mutombo on Hump. Not in his house!

The incident gave Ian Eagle and Jim Spanarkel an opportunity that announcers rarely take advantage of: making fun of an NBA ref.

Hump's reaction? "He didn't block it. He fouled me. What's the call on that? Should have shot two more free throws!"