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Amick: Avery Johnson Safe for Now as Nets front office expected "peaks and valleys"

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Steve Mitchell

In an article on the job security of NBA coaches, Sam Amick and Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today write that Avery Johnson's job remains safe despite the Nets' up and down season which as of now features a four-game losing streak. Johnson is included in the list not so much because the team is struggling --their 11-8 is still ninth best in the league-- but because of the expectations brought on by the team's $333 million spending spree this summer, the second biggest in NBA history.

Amick and Zillgitt write...

As for Johnson's job security, a person with knowledge of the thinking of Nets' management who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue told USA TODAY Sports there's still faith in Johnson at this early juncture and a feeling in the front office that some peaks and valleys are to be expected. As general manager Billy King has said before, though, the expectation is that the Nets not only make the playoffs but are in a position to make an impact once they get there.

Just last week, Johnson was named NBA Coach of the Month for the Eastern Conference.

  • As NBA teams struggle, their coaches' seats get warm - Sam Amick & Jeff Zillgitt - USA Today