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Brooklyn Nets Get Mobile App

Brooklyn Nets

The Nets have a new mobile app, available for iPhone or Android phones, that permits not just to follow the scores but follow the team year-round.

Designed by Willow Tree, the app is, of course, all in black-and-white. it includes virtually everything on the Nets official site, from rosters to videos (and Ben Couch's daily View from the Couch offerings.) It also permits tweeting directly to @brooklynnets "so they can be shown on the scoreboard" (which we have learned is called "the center hung" in arena parlance.) Best of all, it's free, sponsored by tasty trade.

Once inside Barclays Center, the app has other features. Willow Tree on its website says of the app that it's "the leading mobile experience for any professional sports franchise."

Not only does the Brooklyn Nets app provide a great standalone experience, but when combined with the Barclays Center iPhone and Android apps, it provides a unique in-game experience, permitting fans to choose their own video streams while at the arena, ordering food right to their seats, finding nearby restaurants, and planning their travel via implementation with New York Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) content. The Barclays Center apps were developed by WillowTree through its Apps for Venues joint venture.

One thing it doesn't have (yet) is live game stats for players.

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