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YES Network sees Brooklyn embrace in ratings

Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

The YES Network has seen the Nets ratings increase this season after two years of the worst numbers in the NBA. While part of the uptick is the Brooklyn buzz, part is that the Nets have left New Jersey, seen a "non-factor,"... "NBA Siberia," as Ian Eagle tells the Post.

“The Nets in New Jersey were thought of as a non-factor, as NBA Siberia in many ways,” Eagle said. “In Brooklyn, players are paying a lot of attention. The team was going to get a lot of coverage, there would be a great deal of buzz and this is one of the rare occasions where the reality has lived up to the hype.”

Eagle says he never let that affect his professionalism. “I just always treated these broadcasts like everyone in the city was watching, even though the ratings never reflected that," he says. YES has upgraded its Nets telecasts this season, the first after YES and the Nets agreed to a new, long-term deal. There are new graphics, new music, plus a new courtside reporter, Sarah Kustok, and a new game analyst, Greg Anthony.

Talking about the team, Anthony is preaching patience. "Because there are a lot of teams that have similar goals. They have the talent to be a postseason team, but how the talent meshes, how the chemistry comes together, [how the players] buy into the defensive side that will ultimately determine if they will just be a playoff team or one that can make a deep run into the postseason.”