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Mikhail Prokhorov - How comical is the Nets owner?

Bluewater Productions

Brook Lopez must be jealous. His boss, not him, is the first Net (other than BrooklyKnight) to be featured in a comic book. Bluewater Productions has added Mikhail Prokhorov to its Orbits series of biographical comic books, joining other industrialists and artists, people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg.

In offering the comic for sale, at $3.99 a copy, the company notes...

"As a leading industrialist in Russia’s precious metals sector, Mikhail Prokhorov quickly rose to become the 7th richest man in the country. He ran against the mighty Vladimir Putin in the 2012 presidential elections and purchased the NBA team the Nets, moving the former Garden Staters to Brooklyn this year. As the center of his fair share of controversies over the years, the Russian billionaire has become one of the most talked about figures in Europe and beyond."

A spokesperson for the Nets' owner declined comment.

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