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Mike Krzyzewski Talks Jay-Z, Beyonce' and the Brooklyn target


Coach K, Mike Krzyzewski, talked with Billy King on Sirius Radio Wednesday about the Nets and their two most famous fans, Jay-Z and Beyonce' .... as well as Hurricane Sandy's effect on the Nets. King's college coach at Duke talked about the advantages the two bring, but he also discussed a potential downside.

It's an honor to visit with him, but when the two of them are there, it radiates. When you talk about opposing teams, they see that. they want to look good. It's a long season. All of a sudden, you're coming into a new arena. It's Brooklyn. It is a different thing for your guys. When they're playing at home, they have a target on them right now. They have to expect that.

The two also discussed how Hurricane Sandy disrupted the Nets routine the last week, although King said things are calming down...

The one thing that's changed for us is that a lot of the guys is that we still practice in Jersey, so some guys live in Manhattan, some guys along the waters of New Jersey. So on game days, when there's a shootaround at the arena, and we get hotel rooms for them.

So that routine has changed a bit and some guys are trying to adjust to that as well. This past week, with Hurricane Sandy, a lot of guys got displaced because of flooding and no power so we had to get them in different hotels and their families need help. So we had guys who were moving every day, changing hotels because some didn't have rooms. So right now, we're getting back to a little bit of normalcy. Guys are back in, have electricity,

So, there was a big adjustment, not just in the move and playing in Brooklyn, but also in Hurricane Sandy as well.

  • Billy King, Brooklyn Nets GM, talks with Coach K on "Basketball and Beyond" (Audio) - Mike Krzyzewski - Sirius Radio