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Mikhail Prokhorov interviews Herb Turetzky


Mikhail Prokhorov took on a new role Monday night in the bowels of Barclays Center: journalist...perhaps the world's highest paid one. Prokhorov, with a list of questions on his lap and a mic in his hand, spoke with Herb Turetsky, the Nets long-time scorer, about the team, its history, Brooklyn, Barclays Center and how to find the right woman.

The 67-year-old Turetsky is now keeping score in his eighth arena as the Nets scorekeeper. That's more than 1,100 games and so Prokhorov took advantage of his knowledge. And with Turetsky married to the same woman for 42 years, they spoke as well about women. When Prokhorov asked Turetzky about the secret of the Nets' success, Turetsky responded, "the man sitting to my right," referring to the Nets owner.

Turetzky, asked if he had considered quitting at any point his nearly 40 years with the team, said he had when the team left IZOD Center, but then he saw Brooklyn, his hometown, as "the apple at the end of the stick" and decided it was worth staying.

"Once I heard Brooklyn, there was no way anyone could take me from this job because for me, I’m back home again and it’s the most exciting thing in the world," said Turetzky.