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Mikhail Prokhorov tells David Aldridge he is available for Nets "24 hours a day"


In an interview near the bottom of his "Morning Tip," David Aldridge talks to Mikhail Prokhorov about his management style and how it fits with the Nets. Aldridge asked Prokhorov why, unlike other NBA owners, he hangs back.

"Just imagine," he replied. "I have more than 20 assets, different kinds of businesses. So, just, you need to collect the best people, the best team, and you need to be on the strategy side. And if they need me, I am 24 hours at their disposal. It is my philosophy in any business, including basketball."

Prokhorov, was very complimentary of the jobs Billy King and Avery Johnson have done and called his third of a billion dollar expenditure this summer "reasonable." He said he would not spend "crazy money" ... and Aldridge didn't ask what's "crazy money."

"If you look to our roster, it's very, very reasonable," he added. "We collect all the pieces in a very reasonable way. So we have, for example, excellent rotation -- like 10, 11, maybe 12 men. And so, this is just very smart [for] team spirit. We all do our job."

As for the Nets-Knicks rivalry, Prokhorov said the Knicks should be grateful. "I think it's really great for the city, for the fans, to have, like, crosstown rival. And I don't think James Dolan is crying. He really understands that it's great for the Knicks to have such a rivalry, just for business, for pleasure, for fun, just for the city."

Aldridge asked the Nets owner if the Nets don't win a title by 2015 will he carry out his promise to marry ... and does he have "a preliminary list of ... people ... in case you have to follow through on that?"

Responded Prokhorov, "I'm sure we'll have the championship. If not, we can make a casting together, OK?"