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In Golf Digest interview, Deron Williams talks golf, Brooklyn and Jackie Robinson

Point of Hope Foundation

In an interview with Golf Digest, Deron Williams about golf (he has an 8 handicap, Jason Kidd has a 5) but also about how much Brooklyn's embrace has meant to the team and his decision to stay and even a little about his inheritance as Jackie Robinson's successor.

Williams talks about how Kenny Thomas got him his start in golf, how he saw it as a vehicle for his charity, Point of Hope. He admits that his competition with other point guards, like Kidd and Chris Paul, extends to the golf course. On Brooklyn', he admits the borough's embrace was a big selling point the Nets had in their pursuit of him.

"That's kind of what we anticipated," said of Brooklyn's reaction. "That was kind of the whole reason I re-signed here, everybody was making such a big deal about the move, because I think everybody knew how great the reception would be."

Asked his reaction when asked if he understood that he is now the biggest local sports star since Jackie Robinson, Williams responds, "Yeah, I mean it's cool. I just think it's great to be a part of this whole thing. Not individually, as a team, as a community."