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Inside the Arena: a look at the "Big Board" numbers

Bruce Bennett

An advertising supplement "Sports Facilities: The Class of 2013" includes an article on the Barclays Center centerhung scoreboard, which answers a lot of questions fans have raised about how big, how much, etc. The board is manufactured by Daktronics, which assembled the board on the floor of the arena, then hoisted it to the ceiling.

--First off, the Barclays Center scoreboard is not the largest in the NBA. The new Houston Rockets board at Toyota center, a double wide, is the biggest. Its four screens — two 25-foot-high-by-58-foot-wide panels facing the sidelines, and two 25-by-25-foot panel facing the baselines -- are likely to hold the record for a while.

--Still, the Barclays Center board features six-millimeter, true high-definition technology, the main video displays in the centerhung each measure 16 feet high by 27 feet wide (720 x 1296 pixels) or 432 square feet. Times four and the number rises to 1,728 square feet.

--Smaller scoring displays measuring more than seven feet high by 27 feet wide and featuring 10 millimeter line spacing are found above the main displays. They display the game stats. Both sets of four LED displays are able to show live and recorded video, scoring information, sponsor messages, and custom information and graphics to "get fans on their feet," Daktronics reports.

--Then, there are the rings above and below the rectangular housing for the big screens and the scoring displays. The centerhung features two 10 millimeter ring displays, one above and one below the main group of video displays to help enhance the information shown. A naming rights ring tops off the three-story-tall centerhung which contains a total of 3,550 square feet of LEDs.

--What's displayed is managed by a control room inside the arena, where SONY also has its representatives. SONY has more than 600 HDTV monitors throughout the arena.

--How much does it weigh? The story doesn't say, but it does note that the hoist that holds it in place can hold 75,000 pounds or 37.5 tons.

Daktronics, the world's largest manufacturer of electronic scoreboards, also installed --and controls-- two video rings that encircle the arena as well as the video screens inside the oculus and in the main entrance hall.