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Keith Bogans "trying to get back to 100 percent"

Bruce Bennett

Keith Bogans is playing well, either starting in place of Gerald Wallace or coming off the bench, hitting deep three's or playing good "D." He's a favorite of Avery Johnson and vice versa. After Bogans sustained multiple injuries last February, the Nets helped with his rehab, offering him physical rehabilitation as well as a mental goal, an offer to rejoin the team this season.

In an interview this week with a fansite for the University of Kentucky, his alma mater, Bogans notes that he's still not where he wants to be. Asked if the 31-year-old has given any thoughts to a post-NBA career, Bogans replied, "No, right now my main focus is trying to get back to 100 percent after my injury last year. That’s what I’ve really been focused on. I know I still have a lot of basketball left in me so that’s not one of my first thoughts with me right now."

Bogans returned after fracturing his left ankle and completely tearing his deltoid ligament, following an awkward landing in a game against the Pistons on February 5. He was waived two days later, but re-signed to a vets minimum deal in the summer.