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"The Association" finds a rivalry: Brooklyn Nets vs. New York Knicks


The Association: Brooklyn Nets - Episode Five - "You Have Your Own Team" - premieres Friday at 6:30pm ET on NBA TV, just prior to the Nets - Magic game. It's about more than backstage access to the rivalry between the Nets and Knicks, but there's a lot of that, including the big game.

The episode begins as the Nets head out on a Western road trip, which is all prelude to returning home to play their long-awaited matchup against the Knicks.

Among the other elements...

• The Nets in Sacramento, where MarShon Brooks is still dealing with rookie duties on the road.

• Brooks, Andray Blatche and Tyshawn Taylor talk about the growing identity of the Nets’ bench as they spend an offday in Los Angeles.

• The Nets try to put the hype of Mike D’Antoni’s first game aside as they face the LA Lakers.

• Upon returning home, anticipation builds toward their matchup with the Knicks, which was postponed because of Hurricane Sandy. Brooklynites Spike Lee, Rosie Perez and Albert King talk about choosing sides between the Nets and Knicks, now that there’s a team in Brooklyn.

• An all-access pass to the playoff intensity at Barclays Center when the Nets and Knicks finally take the floor.

As with previous episodes, Episode 5 will air multiple times on NBA TV, with clips available on