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Brooklyn Nets Gear No. 1 Since Going on Sale


We were kind of surprised Wednesday when we read a New York Post story about how Knicks merchandise, not the Nets, was the top selling gear among NBA teams, at least online and at the NBA's (temporary) store at Fifth and 48th Street in Manhattan. The Post appeared to take special glee in the news that the Nets finished seventh. Seemed odd to us. After all, everyone we know is wearing black-and-white and the Nets Shop at Barclays Center has LINES!

Well, as it turns out, Marc Berman, the Knicks beat writer, had to correct his story later in the day. The sales figures are FOR SIX MONTHS, from April through Thanksgiving And since the Nets have only been selling their uniform jerseys since September 28, TWO MONTHS AGO, those numbers just might be a bit skewed. Also, the Knicks online sales were helped by "LinSanity," which you may have heard moved to Houston in July. ("Felt-Down" sales figures are likely to be much lower.)

As Berman notes in his revised copy, "According to a league source, Brooklyn’s merchandise is actually No. 1 since the season began in late October, hardly a surprise considering its novelty and fashionable black-and-white color scheme. So the Knicks’ reign on No. 1 may be short-lived on the next tally — which is done twice a year." Oh, Don't you hate it when facts get in the way of a good story!