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And now for last night's other highlight ... a Brooklyn chant in Brewtown

With 8:14 to go in the first quarter of the Knicks-Bucks game in Milwaukee, and Tyson Chandler on the line, our brethren in Brewtown did God's work and began a chant that will make Nets fans feel good about Bucks fans, even if their team failed to vanquish those New Yorkers.

"Brooklyn's Better," they repeated over and over and over with Chandler trying to concentrate on his free throw shooting. The Buck and Knick play-by-play guys either didn't notice it or ignored it, but we couldn't. Thanks to our guy Jonny Black in Belfast, Northern Ireland, who recorded it.

Who knows what the rest of the day will bring, but we can at least watch this clip over and over and over. Or we could ask other team's fans to emulate those in Milwaukee.