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Tabloids Battle For Back Page Headlines

Who's got the best back page headline on last night's big brawl in Boston? We take a look and declare a winner.

New York Daily News

They're battling, the editors of New York's three tabloids. The Post, Daily News and Newsday all tried their best to get readers' attention Thursday with back page pictures and of course headlines.

The Post called it "a DonnyBrook" with "Donny" in white, "Brook" in black. Nice on the graphic use of black and white but who's Donny? Donny Marshall, the former Net and Celtic who made an impassioned plea about what being a Celtic is about. (not Rajon Rondo)? And we didn't see Brook Lopez anywhere near the brawl. Oh, "Brook" as in Brooklyn! Got it.

Newsday ran the same picture under the headline, "Beantown," a reference to Boston's nickname...and what happened to Kris Humphries. Not bad. Beantown has often been used to describe the Red Sox. Do we have yet another rivalry between New York and Boston?! We like, we like.

But the winner is ... The Daily News with "Brooklyn Deckers." It works on so many different levels, even if the Nets didn't "deck" anyone. Any time you can conjure up a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model when thinking about your favorite team is a good time. "The fact that my name is associated with an nba brawl (in any sort of capacity) makes me happier than you can imagine," Decker later told the Daily News.

Beyond the newspapers, we saw a number of new nicknames for the guys from Brooklyn. There was most prominently, the Brooklyn Brawlers, which isn't a bad nickname. Others used on Twitter and elsewhere include Brooklyn BadBoyz, Brooklyn Battlers (no!), Crooklyn Nets. Considering we saw more fight in this team than in any since before Kenyon Martin got his first neck tattoo, we'll take it.