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Final: Brooklyn Nets thump Boston Celtics, 95-83

The Nets have won four straight and are now 4-0 against the Atlantic Division.

Jared Wickerham

The Nets' wins just keep getting better and better. On Wednesday, they picked up their fourth straight victory and their second over the Celtics, 95-83 in Boston.

They took control with an 11-0 run spanning the first and second quarters and opened up a 21-point lead with 3 1/2 minutes to go in the half. They were up 16 with 39 seconds left in the half when a Kris Humphries foul on Kevin Garnett prompted Rajon Rondo to shove Humphries. After the altercation got ugly, Rondo, Humphries and Gerald Wallace were all ejected. Avery Johnson said he expects the league to rule on possible suspensions as early as Thursday.

After the game, Humphries tweeted a picture of the damage and asked, "Anyone know where I can quick get a Tetnis shot in Boston?"

Despite the loss of two starters, the Nets kept the game under control in the third quarter. The Celtics got to within nine a couple of times in the fourth, but repeated big baskets from Joe Johnson and Andray Blatche kept them at bay. Here's one of those Joe Johnson baskets.

The Nets shot just 40 percent from the field, but grabbed 17 offensive rebounds and outscored the Celtics 30-3 from three-point range. Johnson (18), Blatche (17) and Jerry Stackhouse (17) were the high scorers. Stackhouse is 9-for-11 from downtown in the last two games.

Blatche (13), Brook Lopez (10) and Reggie Evans (10) each had double-digit rebounds, and Deron Williams added seven assists. Evans, the NBA leader in rebounds per 48 minutes, now has four straight games with more than 10 rebounds.

After the game, Avery Johnson, Williams and Blatche all remarked about the team's chemistry and their mental and physical toughness, two things that have been in short supply the last five years.

Other than Evans ("It's like a mosquito in your face. You're eventually going to swat at the mosquito, right?") the Nets didn't talk much about the brawl or only in general teams, On the other hand, Garnett and Jason Terry (of the losing team) decided to comment more fulsomely.

"Some guys are tough. Some guys pretend to be," said Terry of Humphries. "He's one of those that pretends to be. I know. I played with the guy." Garnett who was outplayed by Blatche noted, "This ain't the Girl Scouts. This ain't the Boy Scouts. This is the NBA."